Best Laptops for College Students 2016

Best Laptops for College Students 2016

Buying a laptop or notebook is often not a simple issue, not solely because of the lack of information but too much information too often becomes a source of confusion in choosing a laptop. In addition to the factors to be considered in selecting and buying a laptop a bit more complex than choosing a Tablet or Smartphone.

More options various types and brands of cheap or expensive laptop in one hand benefit consumers, but on the other hand can also be difficult. Hence the need to first understand a few tips and tricks to buy a new laptop.

Especially for this occasion will be presented some tips on buying laptops for students. Actually, these tips not only apply to students only, but for any prospective buyer would have different needs then maybe tips on buying a new laptop is not suitable for everyone, such as those who need a laptop for playing games or editing photos and video.

Tips to Choose Best Laptops for College Students

Speaking of laptop brands there are dozens of names that could be called the start of the famous and less famous.

Brand laptop often becomes a trap for buyers who are unfamiliar pembeli.Calon usually tend to choose brands that are familiar. And the familiar brands generally are manufacturers who make electronic devices such as household refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and so on. General consumer brands tend to have a mindset that is more familiar to better provide security.

The fact is not always the case, take the example of the Asus laptop. This company makes household electronic appliance so that the layman may not be too familiar.

Some brands Compatible Laptop for Students
Asus Laptop Brands
Asus is a company that has many years providing components for laptops and other computer manufacturers like HP, Acer and so on. So when talking about computers Asus obviously unquestionable quality.

Conversely those who have long experienced assemble a computer, for example, is already very familiar with Asus because Asus-made components have for years been renowned for quality and reliability.

Asus last few years to move from a provider of components into a company that also produces laptops, and tablet computers. Later they were also quite managed to penetrate into the smartphone market through Asus Zenfone 6, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 4. And its products including Asus laptops became popular so quickly because not only the price is cheap but the quality is very good.

One laptop Asus brand's most coveted segment of the student is the Asus EeePC is now priced at 200

Lenovo Laptop Brands

But there are other things that need to be considered by students who want to buy a laptop, the quality and comfort of the keyboard. Naturally, you will often use a laptop for typing is not it? Start of assignments, projects, papers, theses, and so on.

Well talking about the quality of the keyboard, after using the laptop for approximately eight years and alternated feels brand Lenovo is a laptop that provides the most comfortable keyboard for typing.

Indeed, there are other brands that IBM is the quality of the keyboard is similar to Lenovo, IBM laptop but the price is exorbitant and is not suitable for students. Anyway originally Lenovo is an appointed manufacturer to produce IBM laptop so of course the experience is applied in producing the laptop itself today.

Laptop Lenovo brand is now more affordable. In contrast to a few years ago where Lenovo only provides high-end laptop, now some of its products such as Lenovo IdeaPad lineup example sold at a very affordable price.

Apple laptop

Apple Laptops are another alternative, in addition to design sweeter than other laptop this laptop also has another advantage that is already integrated most of the essential software in the operating system.

Indeed, Apple laptop prices are usually more expensive, but in it almost all the programs that are needed daily is already available. So as a student you do not need to spend more money to buy the operating system software, office and even anti-virus.

Of course, this is in case you use a non-pirated software ori alias. But if you choose a pirated necessarily be another story, but the future 'does in fact class intellect students still want to buy pirated goods?

Determining the value Laptop Tips for Students
OK, about the brand already discussed now entered into tips on buying a laptop for the next student that price.

How much is the price of the laptop is ideal for the needs of students?
If you want you can just select the efficient netbooks that cost less than 200, but to be honest we do not recommend a netbook. As it is known that to maintain its small dimensions, the netbook has a lot of limitations in terms of specifications. You will also be difficult if you want to upgrade later.

Buying a netbook does sound like a good offer, because you only need to spend a little more money to get a machine that seemed able to facilitate all your needs. But a netbook not a good investment. Therefore if it is not forced to choose a laptop … (Eitsss .. more frequency Kiyosaki read her book to the point like this sentence)

Well then what the price of the laptop is perfect for students? Laptop for 200 to 300 is the price of laptops for students. But if you want to play heavy games on the sidelines of the task or thesis to relieve stress or if the video and pictures as a sideline to increase the allowance then ideally is a laptop costing 500.

Tips to Buy Laptops for Students - Specifications

Laptops with the specification whether suitable for students?
When it comes to choose a laptop with a processor Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7. Laptops with Celeron processor is usually cheaper, but the processor is wasteful of electricity so that the battery will be quickly depleted, it is not suitable to support mobility.

While RAM is ideal for today is 4 GB storage capacity (hard disk) 500 GB.

Do not forget that a laptop must support mobility, which means a good battery life and light weight. Therefore choose a laptop that weighs a maximum of 2 kg, more than it was passable go to the gym to lift weights fitness …

Laptop Buying Tips: Online vs. Offline
With the above information course you already have a choice and laptop picture of what is about to be bought as a student is not it?
Next is to decide where going to buy it.

Currently, there are many who are selling laptops online, buying online is more advantageous because in addition to not have to drive around them hot from store to store usually also easier to compare prices and specifications among laptop. Of course you should verify that the online store can be trusted. Lazada is an example of an online store laptop sellers who can be trusted.

On the other hand bought a laptop directly to shopping like buying a laptop in Mangga Dua for example, allows you to bargain with the seller. Passable if could pieces of several tens of thousands could have entered the budget to improve nutrition, it's a student, used to eat instant noodles quite right once in a while there is a budget to improve nutrition? (…personal experience)

So each has advantages and disadvantages, whatever you prefer which.

Those are some tips on buying laptops for the students that we serve this time, other times may be useful and will be presented tips on buying another laptop.


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